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F84: DNA Genesis
F85: Safe and Effective Cataract Surgery in Occlusio Pupillae from Uveitis
F87: Modified Technique for Corneal Donor Insertion During DSAEK
F88: Limbal Relaxing Incision with Inverse C Procedure
F89: Do Not CAST the Superior Incision Aside
F90: Scleral Fixation Without Conjunctival Dissection
F91: Technology of Lens Removal in Partial or Complete Absence of Capsule Support
F92: Two-Stage Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
F93: Sealing of Conjunctiva-Tenon Gap to Correct Recurrent Pterygium
F95: External Refinement of the Donor Lenticule Position During DSAEK
F97: New Surgical Options in Advanced Keratoconus
F98: Safe Handling of Subluxated Cataracts
F99: Chandelier Illumination: Useful Tool for Phaco-Oscillation and DSEK Through Severe Corneal Haze
F100: Sutured PC IOL as Anterior Chamber IOL: New Technique for Secondary IOL Implantation or Exchange
F103: Bimanual MICS: Dr. S.K. Technique