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Displaying all films in category: Cataract Complications

F1: Paradise Regained
F2: Reconstructing a Masterpiece: Iris and Pupil Repairs
F3: Capsular Contraction Syndrome
F4: Capsular Block Syndrome
F5: IOLXchange
F6: Surgical Considerations for Reducing Intraoperative Floppy-Iris Syndrome Resulting from Flomax
F7: Unexpected Results with Multifocal IOLs
F8: Double Tsunami in the Eye: Catastrophes Associated with Phacoemulsification
F9: Intraocular Lens Removal from the Vitreous Cavity: Post Phacoemulsifcation Complication
F10: Advantages of MICS Technique Combined with Glaucoma Surgery
F11: Balancing Efficiency and Safety in Dense Cataract Removal
F12: Cataract Surgery in Patient with Invisible Anterior Segment from Phacolitic Glaucoma
F13: Phacoemulsification in Crowded Eye: Watch Out
F15: Wound Burn in MICS with OZil Custom Pulse Mode
F16: Managing Cpsulorhexis Complications
F17: Dislocation and Relocation of IOLs
F18: Deep Lamellar Keratoplsty Using Donor Cornea With Severe Jaundice
F19: Understanding the Dropped Nucleus
F20: Phaco Soup
F21: Management of Dislocated IOLs
F22: Surgical Management of Ocular Trauma with Subluxated Cataract
F23: AquaLase for Cataract Patients on Tamsulosin
F24: Watch the Haptic!
F25: Keep Your Cool