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AI: Artificial Iris (F78)
Aberropia (F119)
Advantages of Coaxial Microphacoemulsification (F38)
Advantages of MICS Technique Combined with Glaucoma Surgery (F10)
AquaLase for Cataract Patients on Tamsulosin (F23)
Around the Angle: The World Seen Through a Goniolens (F145)
Assessment of VisuMax Femtosecond Laser Flap Thickness Accuracy and Precision by 3D VHF Digital Ultrasound Scanning (F138)
Balancing Efficiency and Safety in Dense Cataract Removal (F11)
Bimanual MICS: Dr. S.K. Technique (F103)
Blind Date: Reencountering Ophthalmology Excellence (F144)
Canaloplasty: A Piece of Cake? (F45)
Capsular Block Syndrome (F4)
Capsular Contraction Syndrome (F3)
Cataract Surgery in Patient with Invisible Anterior Segment from Phacolitic Glaucoma (F12)
Central Pachymetric Curve: New Method to Evaluate Corneal Biomechanical Behavior (F136)
Chandelier Illumination: Useful Tool for Phaco-Oscillation and DSEK Through Severe Corneal Haze (F99)
Coloboma (F113)
Conjunctival Chalasis: Diagnosis and Treatment of Ocular Pain Masquerading as Dry Eye (F129)
Conquering Black Cataracts: 100% Strike Rate (F116)
Corneal Crosslinking for Ectasia (F142)
Corneoplastique: Art of Laser Vision Surgery (F128)
Cosmetic Eye Whitening (F149)
DNA Genesis (F84)
Darker Side of Albinism (F111)
Decision of Phaco and IOL Implantation in Presence of Doubtful Diagnosis of Ciliary Body Tumor (F153)
Decrease and Conquer: New Phacoemulsification Technique for Rock Hard Nucleus Cataract (F94)
Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty in Keratoconus Patients (F62)
Deep Lamellar Keratoplsty Using Donor Cornea With Severe Jaundice (F18)
Degrees of Dialysis: Enhancing Surgical Outcomes in the Presence of Zonular Dialysis (F34)
Differences in Intraocular Water Flow Between Torsional and Traditional Phacoemulsification (F74)
Dislocation and Relocation of IOLs (F17)
Do I Have to Increase the Fluid or the Pressure? Comparison of Fluidics of 19G and 22G for Biaxial Lens Surgery (F36)
Do Not CAST the Superior Incision Aside (F89)
Double Tsunami in the Eye: Catastrophes Associated with Phacoemulsification (F8)
Dual Magic (F118)
Dual OVD Sealed-Up Technique (F81)
Dueling Transplants: DSEK Versus Femto PKP (F140)
Effect of Cleaning Up Schlemm Canal on IOP Reduction in Glaucoma (F47)
Electrospun Nanofibers: Advances in Biomaterials for Contact Lenses and Artificial Corneas (F157)
Endothelial Keratoplasty (F121)
Endothelial Keratoplasty: Please Don’t Fold (F104)
Ex-Press Mini Shunt for Glaucoma Surgery (F46)
External Refinement of the Donor Lenticule Position During DSAEK (F95)
Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction: Single-Step, All-Femtolaser Refractive Procedure (F102)
Fork Tip (F14)
Free Flow Phaco (F73)
Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy: Clinical Examination and Surgical Management (F135)
Haptic Adjuster for IOLs (F79)
Healon5: Essential Surgical Tool in Routine and Challenging Cases (F112)
High Hyperopia: Surgical and Refractive Challenge (F131)
IOLXchange (F5)
Implantation Technique of the Visian Toric ICL (F133)
Incisions and Decisions (F56)
Insertion of DSEK Graft Through 3.0 mm Clear Corneal Incision Using a Novel Injector System (F80)
Intraocular Glass with Double Capsule Perforation (F52)
Intraocular Lens Implantation Under Continuous Irrigation Without OVD in the Anterior Chamber (F32)
Intraocular Lens Removal from the Vitreous Cavity: Post Phacoemulsifcation Complication (F9)
Intraocular Pressure-Induced Interlamellar Keratitis (F139)
Introducing Circumferential Chop Technique to Perform Inside-Out Phacoemulsification of Hard Nuclei in the Capsular Bag (F101)
Is There Neuroadaptation After Bilateral Multifocal IOLs? (F146)
Just Look This Way, My Dear (F60)
Keep Your Cool (F25)
Kojo Blade (F75)
LASIK Lapses (F134)
Lensectomy and Iris Prosthesis Application in Pediatric Patient with Bilateral Congenital Aniridia Plus Cataract (F41)
Limbal Relaxing Incision with Inverse C Procedure (F88)
Living in the Photic World (F49)
Long and Shallow Limbal Relaxing Incision (F127)
Look to the Past: Fyodorov Iris-Clip Sputnik IOL Implantation 28 Years Later (F58)
Low Vac Phaco (F110)
Management of Dense Cataracts with Previous Angle-Closure Glaucoma, Shallow Anterior Chambers, Short Eyes, and Pupillary Synechias (F54)
Management of Dislocated IOL/Capsular Bag Complex and Glaucoma in Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome (F65)
Management of Dislocated IOLs (F21)
Management of Flap Complications: Dealing with Folds and Striae (F130)
Management of Hyperopia After Radial Keratotomy (F120)
Management of Traumatic Subluxated Cataract and Aniridia with Pair of Interlacing Morcher Type 50C Aniridia Rings (F26)
Managing Cpsulorhexis Complications (F16)
Managing the Irregular and Unstable Post-RK Cornea (F122)
Matrix Preloaded: Evaluation of Preloaded Systems for IOLs (F69)
Miracle of Cornea Multiplication in Lamellar Transplant After Complicated Refractive Surgery (F152)
Modified Technique for Corneal Donor Insertion During DSAEK (F87)
Mr. Wavefront and Mr. Conventional: Friends or Foes? (F143)
Neodymium: YAG Laser Effects in the Eye (F77)
New CTR with Haptic to Be Sutured to Sulcus for Luxated and Subluxated Lens (F35)
New Horizon of IntraLase: Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Limbal Transplantation (F132)
New Surgical Options in Advanced Keratoconus (F97)
Nostalgia: Cataract Surgery in 1970 (F154)
Not All Square Edges Are Created Equal (F83)
Objective Measurement of Accommodation: Is It Really Possible? (F70)
Ophthalmology Tribute to Insulin Syringe (F68)
Options for Posterior Chamber IOL Implantation Without Capsule Support (F28)
Orders of Phaco Energy Modes (F48)
Paradise Regained (F1)
Parasitic Infestation of Eyelashes: Chronic Red Eye (F55)
Pearls for the Foldable Toric Iris-Fixated Phakic IOL (F125)
Pediatric Traumatic Cataract Surgery Using 25-Gauge Instruments: Experience of the Inexperienced (F105)
Phaco Soup (F20)
Phacoemulsification for Hard Nucleus Lens in theVitreous Cavity (F155)
Phacoemulsification in Crowded Eye: Watch Out (F13)
Plasma Ablation Surgery with the Fugo Blade: Ultimate Device for the Modern Anterior Segment Surgeon (F72)
Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty: New Procedure for the Treatment of POAG, Pigmentary Glaucoma, and Ocular Hypertension (F151)
Posterior Capsule Plaques (F59)
Posterior Capsulorhexis and Vitrectomy for Asteroid Hyalitis (F109)
Posterior Lenticonus Surgical Management (F44)
Pterygium Pearls (F137)
Pure Torsional, No Blending for Microcoaxial Phacoemulsification of Dense Cataracts (F29)
Rajan Dhani Phaco (F33)
Recent Surgical Misadventures (F57)
Reconstructing a Masterpiece: Iris and Pupil Repairs (F2)
Remembering Ignacio Barraquer Erisifaco (F30)
Removal of a Occult Retained Foreign Body from the Anterior Chamber (F147)
Resident's Introduction to Anterior Segment Anesthesia (F117)
Road to Mastering Phaco (F115)
Safe Handling of Subluxated Cataracts (F98)
Safe and Effective Cataract Surgery in Occlusio Pupillae from Uveitis (F85)
Scleral Fixation Without Conjunctival Dissection (F90)
Sealing of Conjunctiva-Tenon Gap to Correct Recurrent Pterygium (F93)
Solving Difficulties, Possibilities, and Curiosities of Big-Bubble Technique for Deep Lamellar Keratoplasty (F126)
Spectacle Independence Day (F61)
Square Tip (F66)
Strategy to Manage Subluxated Lenses and IOLs (F114)
Supracapsular Phacoemulsification Chopping Technique in Floppy-Iris Syndrome (F42)
Supracapsular Spinning Phacoemulsification: Efficiency in Crystalline Lens Removal (F53)
Surgical Considerations for Reducing Intraoperative Floppy-Iris Syndrome Resulting from Flomax (F6)
Surgical Management of Ocular Trauma with Subluxated Cataract (F22)
Sutured PC IOL as Anterior Chamber IOL: New Technique for Secondary IOL Implantation or Exchange (F100)
Sutureless Amniotic Membrane Transplantation in Superficial Keratectomy (F141)
Sutureless Intrascleral PC IOL Fixation (F86)
Sutureless Lamellar Keratoplasty: New Technique of Tisseel Glue Application (F106)
Sutureless Large-Incision Manual Cataract Extraction: Techniques and Results (F96)
Taking Advantage of Intracorneal Segments: Designs and Techniques of Corneal Pathology (F76)
Technological Evolution to Optimize Fluidics in Microincision Phacoemulsification (F107)
Technology of Lens Removal in Partial or Complete Absence of Capsule Support (F91)
The Best of Both Worlds (F82)
The IOL Dance: Unfolding Mysteries (F50)
The Magic Wand: Quantification of Phaco Tip/Cataract Fragment Energy Discharge (F108)
The Untouchables (F150)
Titanic (F156)
Too Good to Be True (F148)
Top 10 Tips for Success with Endothelial Keratoplasty (F64)
Torsional Phacoemulsification in Hard Cataract (F31)
Torsional Phacoemulsification: Advantages and Disadvantages (F37)
Triple Procedure: Penetrating Keratoplasty, Cataract Extraction, IOL Implantation (F39)
Trypan Blue in Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (F51)
Two-Stage Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (F92)
UGH -- What a Problem (F63)
Ultrachopper: New Era in Cataract Surgery (F71)
Understanding the Dropped Nucleus (F19)
Unexpected Results with Multifocal IOLs (F7)
Unplanned Triple Procedure: Is It Useful? (F124)
Use of Accommodating IOLs in Challenging Cases (F27)
Vacuum-Assisted Delivery of Corneal Tissue: Novel Technique for Corneal Tissue Transplantation in DSEK (F67)
Viscodissection During Phacoemulsification: Space Story (F43)
Viscoless Implantation of IOLs (F40)
Watch the Haptic! (F24)
What Do LASIK Lasers and Muscle Cars Have in Common? (F123)
Wound Burn in MICS with OZil Custom Pulse Mode (F15)