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F96: Sutureless Large-Incision Manual Cataract Extraction: Techniques and Results
F105: Pediatric Traumatic Cataract Surgery Using 25-Gauge Instruments: Experience of the Inexperienced
F106: Sutureless Lamellar Keratoplasty: New Technique of Tisseel Glue Application
F107: Technological Evolution to Optimize Fluidics in Microincision Phacoemulsification
F108: The Magic Wand: Quantification of Phaco Tip/Cataract Fragment Energy Discharge
F109: Posterior Capsulorhexis and Vitrectomy for Asteroid Hyalitis
F110: Low Vac Phaco
F112: Healon5: Essential Surgical Tool in Routine and Challenging Cases
F113: Coloboma
F114: Strategy to Manage Subluxated Lenses and IOLs
F115: Road to Mastering Phaco
F116: Conquering Black Cataracts: 100% Strike Rate
F117: Resident's Introduction to Anterior Segment Anesthesia
F118: Dual Magic
F150: The Untouchables