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F143: Mr. Wavefront and Mr. Conventional: Friends or Foes?
F144: Blind Date: Reencountering Ophthalmology Excellence
F145: Around the Angle: The World Seen Through a Goniolens
F146: Is There Neuroadaptation After Bilateral Multifocal IOLs?
F147: Removal of a Occult Retained Foreign Body from the Anterior Chamber
F148: Too Good to Be True
F149: Cosmetic Eye Whitening
F151: Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty: New Procedure for the Treatment of POAG, Pigmentary Glaucoma, and Ocular Hypertension
F152: Miracle of Cornea Multiplication in Lamellar Transplant After Complicated Refractive Surgery
F153: Decision of Phaco and IOL Implantation in Presence of Doubtful Diagnosis of Ciliary Body Tumor
F154: Nostalgia: Cataract Surgery in 1970
F155: Phacoemulsification for Hard Nucleus Lens in theVitreous Cavity
F156: Titanic
F157: Electrospun Nanofibers: Advances in Biomaterials for Contact Lenses and Artificial Corneas